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Watch Cardi B and Offset Turn Into Video Game Characters

Cardi B and Offset Give Us a Glimpse of Their Dynamic in New Cardi Tries Episode

Cardi Tries Gaming

Cardi and Offset are diving into the world of gaming. Which player do you choose?

Posted by Cardi B on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Cardi B was joined by a special guest on the latest episode of Cardi Tries, the rapper's Facebook series on Messenger's Watch Together platform. During Thursday's episode, she and husband Offset tapped into the gaming world — which she describes as "his world" — and gave us a glimpse of their dynamic as they turned themselves into playable video game characters.

"We always get in the studio and we're rapping and vibing, but when it comes to video games, it's never a vibe . . . It's your world and I want to learn," Cardi tells Offset before launching into the production. Together, they meet with a technical director to transform themselves into gaming characters they'll later be able to play themselves. While calibrating their suits, capturing their motions, and designing their characters down to the last detail, Cardi and Offset hilariously bounce off each other as they create "Cardi B Quest."

Once the design process is complete, the duo battles it out virtually and things get pretty competitive. Watch the video above to find out the winning player. Fans can check out the episode in real time over video calls with friends on Instagram and Facebook Messenger via the app's new Watch Together feature.

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