Here's WTF Was Happening in Catherine O'Hara's Chaotic Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

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If you were confused by Catherine O'Hara's chaotic Golden Globes acceptance speech, you're not alone — but upon further inspection, we've decided it was actually quite iconic. The Schitt's Creek star nabbed the award for best performance by an actress in a television series, musical or comedy, on Sunday night and accepted the honor by performing a funny bit with help from her husband, Bo Welch.

She began by giving a sweet shout-out to her fellow nominees and Schitt's Creek costars as Welch played applause sound effects from his phone for dramatic effect. "I am happily and seriously indebted to Eugene and Daniel Levy," O'Hara said. "They created an inspiring, funny, beautiful family love story in which they let me wear a hundred wigs and speak like an alien. From the first read-through where no one had to fake a laugh to the final day on set where everyone except me had to hold back their tears."

Things took a hard left turn when Welch began blasting orchestral music with a deadpan facial expression, as if booting her off "stage." A jokingly flustered O'Hara exclaimed, "Seriously?," before suddenly starting to sing her speech, reminding us of her similarly hilarious Canadian Screen Award acceptance speech last year. Watch her latest sketch-like speech in full above.