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Celebrities Who Got Their Start on Nickelodeon

We Have Nickelodeon to Thank For Giving These Celebrities Their Starts

Celebrities Who Got Their Start on Nickelodeon
Image Source: Getty / Jim Spellman

Don't you love when you absolutely forget how your favorite stars' careers got started? Like, excuse me, but we did not remember that Zendaya was on Nickelodeon because all we can see is Rue on Euphoria when we picture the star. But she and others were on the TV shows that shaped your perception of friendships, school, and beyond. Those stars are now living totally different lives, but you might still be watching them in other shows and movies. It really makes you wonder (and worry) where the time has gone. But let's think of it in a positive way, because who doesn't love a little nostalgia? It'll put you in the mood to snack on a Go-Gurt and Fun Dip (which we fully encourage as well).

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