This Singer's "Positions" Remix Is So Flawless, People Are Requesting an Official Duet

If you already thought Ariana Grande's "Positions" was a bop, just wait until you hear Coco Jones's verse on the track. The singer and actress, who recently starred in Netflix's Vampires vs. the Bronx, as well as Disney Channel's Let It Shine back in 2012, shared her version of Grande's sexy single on TikTok, imagining what it would sound like if she joined the song, and dare we say, it's better than the original.

TikTokers are loving Coco's unique, soulful voice, which many believe to rival SZA and Summer Walker's, and her perfectly fitting lyrics, including her nod to Grande's song, "The Way." The mashup has almost 700,000 views on the platform, as well as countless comments begging for an official collaboration between the two talented artists. Check out Jones's video above and and join us in manifesting a full version.