Courteney Cox Surprises "Friends" Fans During Warner Bros. Tour: "It's Monica!"

Courteney Cox just made the day, week, and year, of a few lucky "Friends" fans who swung by the show's set in Burbank, CA, for a tour on Nov. 30. "I'm working at Warner Bros., and I thought this is a good time for me to surprise some 'Friends' fans and photobomb their shots," Cox said at the start of an Instagram video, which features clips of the "Scream 6" actor ducking behind the iconic orange couch to await unsuspecting fans of the cult-classic TV show.

"This is the coolest thing in my whole life."

As a cameraman snaps photos of different tourist groups pausing to pose in front of the unforgettable "Friends" fountain, Cox pops up in the background of each image, throwing peace signs and smiling just as he snaps each shot. Once the photos are done, Cox dives back behind the couch. "First tell me that you guys like it," the cameraman says as he let each group take a look at the photos. Within seconds, the confusion and delight sets in.

"Is this happening to us right now?!" a shocked fan says through tears as her tour buddy laughs and peeks behind the orange sofa in search of Cox. "This is the coolest thing in my whole life." Between shouts of "Oh my god!" and "It's Monica!" the groups take turns leaping off the couch to hug Cox and express their excitement.

"You cutie patootie, @courteneycoxofficial xxx," Jennifer Garner wrote in the comments section amid rows of crying emojis from fans who wished they had been touring the set that day.

During one final group shot with over 20 people, the cameraman jokes, "I'm sorry. We're taking a photo. Do you mind?" as he points to Cox behind the sofa. Everyone curiously turns to see the "Friends" star waving in front of the fountain, sparking a wave of enthusiasm that, in the words of Chandler Bing, "couldn't BE" any better.

See Cox surprise her "Friends" fans here.