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Dark TV Shows on Netflix

24 Dark TV Shows on Netflix That You Definitely Shouldn't Watch Before Bed

Dark TV Shows on Netflix
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Comedies are great, but sometimes you just want to be creeped out a little. That's where dark TV shows on Netflix come in handy! Whether your tastes run more to the psychological thrillers or the full-on sci-fi and horror spook-fests, there's a pretty broad range of dark shows available for streaming right now. And it's not all "genre" stuff, either — some of the darkest offerings on Netflix are gritty dramas that have no supernatural elements at all, just dark conspiracies and tense revenge plots. These definitely aren't your best bet if you're trying to just relax, but if you're ready for something a little darker that will stick with you for a while, keep reading for some of our top recommendations!

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