In Defense of Meredith and DeLuca's Hot Sex on Grey's Anatomy

This week, we caught our first glimpse at the season 15 premiere of Grey's Anatomy, and boy, did we witness some pretty serious twists. Sure, we expected some kind of medical drama and we knew Teddy would run into Owen. We even anticipated seeing our hot new doctors, Dr. Nico Kim and the new "Ortho God", played by Alex Landi and Chris Carmack, respectively. And even though we've been told to expect a "season of love" for our favorite Seattle surgeons, we didn't necessarily expect the final bombshell: a hookup between DeLuca and Meredith.

Like many fans, I found myself completely surprised, mostly because it seems like Meredith isn't too interested in DeLuca in the season 14 finale, when he gives her a big, drunk kiss on the lips. But hey, things change. I've been there. Or, you know, maybe it's a dream sequence, and it hasn't actually happened yet. Whatever the case, I've seen plenty of people who are opposed to the hookup in light of the trailer's release. Do I wish she'd hook up with the beautiful Dr. Marsh, played by Scott Speedman, instead? Maybe. But you know what? I fully support this.

Meredith is a badass woman who doesn't need a man. She's a top-notch surgeon who won the coveted Harper Avery Award and then gave it back when his creepy sexual past came to light. She's an awesome mom who has her life together! But you know what? Just because she doesn't need a man, it doesn't mean she can't want or deserve one! Meredith was single for a while before Riggs, and it's been a while since Riggs left. If she wants to have hot, steamy sex, and that hot, steamy sex happens to be with DeLuca, I am here for it. It is the "season of love," after all.

And, listen, just because they hook up, it doesn't mean they're suddenly a couple and we should invent a couple name for them, like "MerLuca," or "DeRedith," or "MeLucadith." Maybe they're just having fun! Let Meredith have some fun! And even if she does end up like-liking DeLuca, more power to her. He's cute as hell — look at these sexy Giacomo Gianniotti pictures for reference — and we know he's a nice guy based on everything he's done in the past few seasons. And before you start in with a lecture about their difference in seniority, it's practically a Grey's rite of passage. There are so many couples from different levels in the hospital hierarchy: Derek and Meredith (hello!), Cristina and Burke, even DeLuca and Maggie for a hot sec!

Anyway, that's all. Can't wait to see all the steamy action when Grey's premieres on Sept. 27. Bye.