We're Concerned About a Major Firefly Lane Character — Here's What Happens in the Books

There's always something in Kristin Hannah's novels that manages to tug at the heartstrings of her readers. Firefly Lane, which has recently been turned into a Netflix series, is no different. Though the events in Firefly Lane and its sequel, Fly Away, span a total of 30 years, it's a moment in Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey's adulthood that has us concerned about Tully's fate.

At the end of the second episode of the series, Kate and her daughter head to a funeral — but who has died? We turned to the books for answers, and though events in the series may differ, here's what we found.

Well into adulthood, Kate and Tully find themselves in a love triangle that puts their friendship on the rocks. Kate learns that her love interest, Johnny, actually loved Tully first. Tully and Johnny had once spent a drunken night together, and while it genuinely meant nothing to Tully, who believes she is incapable of love, it meant everything to Kate. Although Kate ends up marrying Johnny in a whirlwind romance and pregnancy, she never shakes the insecurity that her husband could still be in love with her best friend, especially since he and Tully are journalists and get along a little too well for Kate's liking.

Because Kate and Tully are equally stubborn, neither is willing to understand how or why the other feels wronged. Tully acted without thinking about how her spur-of-the-moment decision could affect Kate, and Kate responded with extremely harsh words. This dramatic dispute persists for far too long, a choice they both regret when Kate is suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer. Both Kate and Tully gain perspective not only on their friendship, but also on their individual life choices. Constantly seeking fulfillment, whether from motherhood or success, it takes Kate's terminal illness for each of them to figure out what matters most in life.

Kate leaves behind Johnny and their three children, Marah, William, and Lucas, when she passes away. The sequel, Fly Away, picks up right where Firefly Lane left off, with Tully beginning a new chapter marked by fulfilling her deathbed promise to Kate to take care of her children.