Dove Cameron Slows It Down During This Sensual "Montero" Cover

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When Lil Nas X dropped "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)," a queer anthem was born, and Dove Cameron kept the good vibes rolling with her recent cover. During her set in BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, which also included a passionate performance of her song, "Boyfriend," Cameron slowed down the rhythm and let the softness of her voice take over for an intimate version of "Montero."

"Champagne and drinking with your friends / You live in the dark, girl, I cannot pretend," Cameron sang, switching up lyrics like "boy" for mentions of "girl" and "ladies" to maintain the song's overarching queer theme. Cameron, who has been open about her sexuality, has used both bisexual and queer to describe herself. "I went on Instagram Live and said 'Guys, I really needed to explain something to you. Maybe I haven't said it, but I'm super queer. This is something I want to represent through my music because it's who I am,'" she said during an Instagram live in 2020. "Ever since then, I've had such an unbelievable relationship with my fans and we have this very safe space that we've created."

Dressed in a BDSM-inspired corset in ruby red, paper bag jeans, and bold black eyeliner, Cameron came through with the sensual undertones as she sang over the gritty rock 'n' roll guitar and a thrumming drum beat. Could this finally be the catalyst for the Dove Cameron and Lil Nas X crossover we've been waiting for? We can dream.