TikTok Is Crushing on Draco Malfoy, and Tom Felton Is Out There Somewhere Blushing

Did you eat, sleep, and breathe the Harry Potter films back in the day? Correction: did you eat, sleep, and breathe Draco Malfoy? Well, you're not alone. TikTok has a special community known as #Dracotok, where almost 10 years after the film series ended, people are still fawning over their favorite Slytherin. I recently stumbled upon #DracoTok, and honestly, I might stay for awhile. If you're looking to fall in love with your favorite Slytherin/childhood crush again, check out these TikToks on #DracoTok. And if you need more Draco content, Tom Felton sings songs from Hamilton and reenacts Harry Potter scenes on TikTok!