Netflix Compiled Every John B Mention on Outer Banks Because His Name Is as Fine as He Is

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While watching Outer Banks on Netflix, I couldn't help but notice how often the characters say John B's name (and I'm so unaccustomed to hearing a two-part moniker, I thought everyone was saying "Johnby" until I googled it). I'm not the only one who took note of the trend because Netflix decided to make a video montage of every John B mention on the show. The clip, which dropped on May 14, features all of the wildly attractive costars screaming, whispering, and giggling John B's name.

I get it, John B, played by Chase Stokes, is unequivocally hot. So maybe there's some titillating allure to saying John B's name 149 times in the series. Heck, I've said "John B" five times already in this post — it just kind of rolls off the tongue. But it does make me wonder if there's a John A, or maybe there are Johns C through Z somewhere running around the OBX. Like, why does everyone insist on specifically identifying John B, as if he doesn't know who he is? I guess that one little consonant just hits different. At any rate, watch the two-minute "John B" compilation above!