The One Where You Can't Drop the Ball Is Now a Friends-Inspired Board Game!

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Target always seems to know what we want, whether it's affordable Halloween decorations or another Friends-inspired board game, and the store delivered yet again — so don't drop the ball! Yep, in addition to the infinite rounds of Friends Monopoly and Friends-themed Cards Against Humanity that you can play, you can now also test your friends to see who has the biggest butterfingers. Don't be like Chandler (he's a dropper).

The One With the Ball Game ($15) recommended for two to four players at a time, comes with a replica ball from that memorable episode, as well as 50 Friends-themed challenges that get progressively more difficult. The hardest part is that every challenge must be completed while balancing the ball, but if you drop it three times, you're out. The first person to reach the fifth, and most difficult, round is the winner! Check out the hilarious ball game ahead, and maybe order one to play with the whole family on your next board game night.