These TikTokers Look Just Like the Cast of Friends, and They Perfectly Re-Created a Scene

There's a special corner of TikTok where nostalgic Friends content lives, and TBH, it's where we all belong. The app lets viewers catch up with the child actors years later and brings celebrity lookalikes together, like this fun group of Central Perk doppelgängers. Recently, TikTok user Jessica Vill (@jbunzie) teamed up with fellow impersonators to re-create a scene from the hit NBC show, and it deserves a Janice-size "Oh my god" for accuracy.

"When you're too impatient waiting for the official Friends reunion so you and your friends make one," Jessica, aka Monica, wrote in the caption. Since we'll probably have to wait until the end of summer to see the real-life actors back together again, we'll take what we can get right now. Watch the fun clip below to see the lookalikes in action, and compare them to the OG stars. Hey, they might even inspire you to binge from season one, just like Courteney Cox.

My friends and I were too impatient waiting for the @FriendsTV reunion special to air so we made our own 😂

— Jessica Vill (@jbunzie) May 9, 2020