I'm Telling You, If You Watch 1 Episode of the Punk'd Reboot, Let It Be Megan Thee Stallion's

On April 6, the reboot of MTV's Punk'd officially launched on Quibi with three wild episodes. Hosted by Chance the Rapper, the installments feature hilarious (and somewhat painful) clips of Adam DeVine, Liza Koshy, and Megan Thee Stallion getting pranked. We definitely enjoyed the practical jokes played on DeVine and Koshy, but Megan Thee Stallion's segment is the best one yet.

In the video, the 25-year-old Houston native is heated when she finds out her friend EJ "lost" her beloved French bulldog, 4oe. EJ and a designated driver, Ali, pick up Megan so they can look for the pup. Thankfully, an anonymous caller (*cough* Chance *cough*) tells EJ that he has 4oe, and they can get the frenchie from his office. The only thing is, there's a giant gorilla casually chilling in a cage outside of the building. When EJ retrieves the dog and is walking back to the car, the gorilla breaks free and wreaks havoc. Here's a little peek at the madness:


Unbeknownst to Megan, everyone is in on the joke. Oh, and the gorilla is totally fake, even though it looks pretty legit. But before we get to the reveal, we see Megan have a total meltdown as she's taken on a roller coaster of emotions. From start to finish, the clip is filled with hilarious moments that we can't stop replaying. If you're on the fence about Quibi, we highly recommend checking it out, if only for this Punk'd episode. Ahead, read the funniest bits from the prank on our favorite hot girl, then catch a glimpse of the show in the teasers!

  1. When Megan is livid after EJ tells her 4oe is lost: "WHERE IS HE? Where's my motherf*cking dog?!"
  2. When Megan hears they have to walk to the back of the house to get the dog: "Walk around the back? Bring my dog to the front . . . Now we gotta go to a back of a building with a n*gga we don't know to get 4oe."
  3. When Megan sees the caged gorilla but doesn't let EJ off the hook: "Get your ass out the car. EJ, this is what you got us in . . . You gon' have to make a choice. You need to go get my dog."
  4. When Ali "warns" a bystander about the gorilla on the loose: "White man, yo, it's a gorilla, fam . . . Make yourself big, white man!"
  5. When Megan locks the car doors as soon as the bystander tries to get in: "No, no, no, no, no. HELL NAH."
  6. When Ali shuts down Megan's idea to call the police: "You can't call the police on no gorilla!"
  7. When Megan calls the police anyway: "Hello? Ma'am, I am in LA. It's a gorilla. He's gonna break the door."
  8. When Megan finds out she's on Punk'd: "I'm Megan Thee Stallion, and I just pissed myself."

Punk'd Teaser

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