Grab Your Pom-Poms, Clovers! Gabrielle Union Confirmed a Bring It On Sequel Is in the Works

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There must be some Clovers in the atmosphere because Gabrielle Union just confirmed that a Bring It On sequel with the original cast is officially in the works, and we can't help but recite a mental cheer in celebration. Union revealed the exciting news during a virtual interview on The Late, Late Show With James Corden on Sept. 10, assuring Corden that Kirsten Dunst and the rest of the cast are definitely ready for a sequel.

"I think [we agreed] because we all got obsessed with Cheer on Netflix and it kind of like brought back the whole love of cheerleading, and we kinda want to see where these people would be 20 years later," Union said. So, does this means we get to see Isis and Torrance coach their kids as cheer moms?!

While the Bring It On franchise includes six films, this will be the first sequel that features the original cast. It's been over two decades since the original Bring It On first premiered, which means we are beyond ready to watch the Clovers and the Toros dance it out at Nationals and remind us why we fell in love with cheerleading in the first place. So get your pom-poms ready and check out Union's full announcment video here.