The Frank Ocean Song in the Gossip Girl Reboot Trailer Is Actually a Nod to the Original Show

HBO Max's Gossip Girl reboot is upping the ante from the original in drama, fashion, and now even music. On Thursday night, we got the first full trailer for the upcoming series, which premieres next month, and it's set to the perfect track. As the next generation of Manhattan's elite do all kinds of scandalous things around NYC, Frank Ocean's "Super Rich Kids" from his debut album Channel Orange plays in the background.

Needless to say, it's the perfect opening note (metaphorically and lyrically) for this new chapter of Gossip Girl. Not only do the lyrics perfectly describe all the privileged teens of the Upper East Side as Ocean sings, "Parents ain't around enough / Too many joy rides in daddy's Jaguar / Too many white lies and white lines / Super rich kids with nothing but loose ends," but it also includes a nice little connection to the original show. The song, which was originally released in 2013, appeared in the final season of Gossip Girl in the episode "Monstrous Ball."

Just as the reboot aims to pay tribute to the original by offering its own fresh spin on the narrative, perhaps the new soundtrack will include a mix of old songs from the original with a fresh new take. We certainly can't wait to see how the reboot compares to the original's iconic soundtrack. Listen to Ocean's full song ahead.