Daniel Radcliffe's Life Takes a Bizarrely Lethal Turn in the Trailer For Guns Akimbo

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The trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming film Guns Akimbo starts out pretty tame. We're introduced to Radcliffe's character Miles, a video game developer who describes himself as "a nobody" with waned dreams of being a hero. Sad, but not unusual, right? Well, after his self-deprecating remark, Miles goes on to describe an illegal live-streamed fight club called Skizm that forces "random weirdos," as he puts it, to combat each other to the death.

Now, if you think that escalated quickly, that's because it did. And you can pretty much guess what happens next: Miles, who drunkenly trolls a Skizm broadcast one night, is necessitated into becoming one of the players in the fatal game. The mastermind, Riktor (Ned Dennehy), sends his goons to bolt pistols into Miles's hands before sending him in the line of fire against the highly skilled Nix (Ready or Not's Samara Weaving). That is, unless Miles can convince her to turn the game on its head. Maybe, just maybe, he can be a hero after all? We'll have to find out when Guns Akimbo hits theaters on March 5!