Halsey's Stripped-Down Version of "Graveyard" Has My Heart Breaking All Over Again

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When Halsey released her new single "Graveyard" in September, I was admittedly pretty damn psyched. But even countless listens since couldn't prepare me for how much I would love her acoustic version of the song — it has such a different vibe! Halsey uploaded the completely stripped-down version of the song to her YouTube channel on Wednesday, and my heart is already 10 times more broken than when I heard the original. (So, yeah, it's my new favorite Halsey song.)

By slowing down the track and stripping away the poppy backbeat, the singer turned "Graveyard" into a mellowed-down and more hopeful song that feels like a sequel to itself. Even the rose-colored lighting and flowers in the foreground soften the song as a whole. While the original is a more upbeat account of her heartbreak in the moment, the acoustic version reads like a reflection on feelings she once had and has since grown from. Just listen to her little exhale at the end, as opposed to the inhale in the original, and you'll know what I mean.