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Watch the Trailer For HBO Max's Beanie Mania

HBO Max Is Releasing a Documentary on the Beanie Babies Craze That Ruled the '90s

Remember the Beanie Babies collecting craze that completely took over the late '90s? Well, HBO Max is coming out with a new documentary titled Beanie Mania that chronicles the nostalgia of the small, stuffed toys that people went crazy over. The logline for the upcoming doc describes it as a "layered and riveting look at how a children's toy spawned an unprecedented investment bubble and a frenzy of American greed." Beanie Mania will feature a slew of interviews from "passionate collectors, notable influencers, and company insiders" to share their insights on the toy fandom. The documentary debuts on HBO Max on Thursday, Dec. 23. Watch the trailer for Beanie Mania above.

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