The Iconic Schitt's Creek's Line of "Ew, David!" Is Said on the Show a Lot Less Than You Think

Schitt's Creek is six seasons of iconic quotes and one-liners said by every member of the Rose family. While David and Moira are possibly the most quotable for various reasons, we would argue that one of the most-quoted lines from the show actually comes from Alexis!

Her "Ew, David!" will forever be cemented as the perfect phrase to sum up everything about being a sibling in two words. But, did you know that the line is actually only said three times throughout the show's entirety? That's right — Alexis only utters the words "Ew, David!" in three episodes while she says "David!" approximately 230 times during the first five seasons. In case you don't believe us, we've broken down which episodes you can hear her saying the phrase below, as well as the motivation behind each utterance. So, don't say we never did anything for you!

CBC via Giphy
  • The first time Alexis ever says "Ew, David," as seen in the GIF above, is 12 minutes into the eighth episode of season one, called "Allez-Vous." Right after Ted leaves Alexis at the Allez-Vous party, David zeros in on her, saying that, "Alexis, you'd like this product. It's all about aging and dried skin." To which she obviously replies, "Ew, David!"
  • The next one isn't heard until 20 minutes into the eleventh episode of the second season, called "The Motel Guest." Alexis decides she wants to move out on her own and brings David along to look at potential apartments. Although she doesn't end up finding one, right before going to bed David tells her, "I can almost guarantee you that someone has killed themselves in this room," spurring on a somewhat scared, "Ew, David!"
  • The final "Ew, David!" is said five minutes into the fifth episode of the fourth season, called "RIP Moira." Alexis tags along with David on a buying trip for his store, not realizing that one of the places they're going is owned by Ted's current girlfriend. While Alexis is "nom-nomming" on a peanut butter square, David says, "Everyone's trying to get their greasy hands on their cheese." It ruins Alexis's appetite and causes a resigned "Ew, David!" as she puts the pieces together of who the farmer is.