Debby Ryan Is Back For Season 2 of Controversial Series Insatiable — Watch the Trailer!

Patty is back at it again in the season two trailer for Insatiable . . . and by that we mean she's potentially going on a murder spree? Oh boy.

Season two of the beauty queen comedy, one of Netflix's most controversial series, is set to premiere on Oct. 11, and the recently dropped trailer promises to pick up exactly where the first batch of episodes left off. In case you need a refresher on where that is, exactly, here's the deal: after a lot of emotional upheaval following her weight loss and decision to wreck havoc on the lives of everyone who treated her like garbage because of her appearance, Patty (played by Debby Ryan) ends season one by beating bad-boy Christian (James Lastovic) to death with a crowbar.

It's mainly in self-defense after she discovers that he drugged and kidnapped Magnolia (Erinn Westbrook) for them to kill together. Even then, she's repeatedly screaming "I'm a good person," so it's obvious that her head's not in the greatest space during this whole escapade.

Season two seems to focus on Patty attempting to curb that anger problem of hers while dealing with her murderous secret — that Bob (Dallas Roberts) helped her hide the body like the altruistic pageant coach he is — and competing in more pageants. But trouble always seems to find Patty no matter how hard she tries, so we're pretty sure it's going to be a disaster.