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Why Halloweentown Is Even Better Now That I'm an Adult

I Rewatched Halloweentown as an Adult, and the Storyline Is So Much Darker Than I Realized

Why Halloweentown Is Even Better Now That I'm an Adult
Image Source: Disney Channel

The entire month of October is my excuse to breeze through as many Halloween movies as possible, and among the cheesy horror films and truly frightening thrillers lies a heartwarming gem: Halloweentown. The first in a four-part series of Halloween classics, Halloweentown is easily one of the best Disney Channel movies. While iconic lines like, "Mom, I'm 13. I'm practically a grown-up," have been stuck in the back of my head for years, I realized it's been over a decade since I actually sat down and watched the movie all the way through. So, armed with a bowl full of candy and some festive childlike wonder, I set out to see if the film really holds up to my memories of it.

As an adult, I'm proud to announce that Grandma Aggie is still just as badass as ever and the wholesome nature of Halloweentown itself has only gotten more magical over the years. But along with the treats came a few tricks, and I definitely had to look away from the TV for a second when Kalabar came on screen. (Do you remember those glowing yellow eyes?!) In addition to his absolutely monstrous appearance (yes, 3-year-old me had a valid reason to be terrified), the warlock is bent on a mission to destroy the entire human race and take over the world.

As someone who's idolized this movie for years, this was a truly haunting revelation, but there are so many nostalgic parts of the movie that make it worthy of watching on a crisp fall evening with a warm cup of tea. Please enjoy my candid thoughts while watching Halloweentown for the first time in 10 years ahead.

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