Jessica Left Love Is Blind in Dramatic Fashion — Is She Still Single?

Out of all the contestants on Love Is Blind, Jessica definitely ended up being the most polarizing, thanks to her occasionally messy behavior and her difficult relationship with fan-favorite Mark. As many predicted, she left the show single, running out of their wedding just before their vows. So is Jessica single now, or has she found love again? Like the other contestants, she's been careful to avoid posting spoilers — but we do know that she's been focused more on handling the backlash from the show.

"I was on a plane when a lot of people started watching it. I landed and got some really negative comments on Instagram and it was just a shock," she told Entertainment Weekly. "It was the first time I had really ever experienced anything like that. Initially, I had a lot of negativity and hatred. But honestly it's gotten a bit better as of late."

Presumably, we'll get to find out more about Jessica's relationship status when the Love Is Blind reunion hits Netflix on March 5. In the meantime, you can check out her most recent posts on Instagram and see what you think!

She's Kept Pretty Quiet on Instagram

Jessica has been the least active out of the cast, sharing just a few pictures and clips since the episodes started airing. That doesn't say as much about her relationship status as it does about where she is personally — and we can't blame her for wanting to avoid a social-media pile-on.

She Turned Off Commenting on Some of Her Posts

Given the largely negative fan reaction to her appearance on the show, perhaps it's no wonder that Jessica has comments turned off on several of her posts. Whether she's single now or not, it's not surprising that she'd be keeping things private for now.

She's Shared Pics with Her Best Girl

The main relationship on Jessica's Insta now? Her beloved dog, Payton, whose bizarre appearance on the show quickly went viral.

She Shared Behind the Scenes Pics

Surprisingly, Jessica actually shared a set of behind-the-scenes pictures from "dates" during filming — including a few with her now-ex Mark.