Time to Learn How to Make Italian Beef! Love Is Blind's Mark Is Ready to Date Again

The Love Is Blind finale ended with a not-too-surprising breakup between Mark and Jessica. After being dumped by Jessica, is Mark still single now? Mark's current relationship status is unclear, but he's handled the breakup and its aftermath with admirable grace (and workout pics).

"This was the best thing that ever happened to me," he told the New York Post. "Without Jess, there would not be a Mark of today. I really am thankful for Jess and everything that we went through, because she challenged me in a lot of different ways. The age gap is a real thing, and things that I didn't know that I needed to be ready for — she prepared me for that mentally. I'm so thankful for that. So I wouldn't do anything different. It taught me so many values in terms of how I want to be, in a relationship."

The one thing we do know? He and Jessica are definitely not in touch at all. "We haven't talked since the wedding day," Mark told the Post. "I reached out at some point — nothing bad, just to say, like, 'Hey, I hope everything's going well, I hope everything's doing all right.' I didn't hear back. But to me, it's just sending love out there. Like, 'Hey, I hope you're doing OK.' And that's that."

For the moment, it looks like Mark is single, although we'll definitely know more once the Love Is Blind reunion airs on March 5 and reveals the aftermath of the show (which filmed way back in 2018). For now, we're going over every possible clue on social media to see if we can suss out any information — keep reading for our thoughts!

He's Been Promoting the Show, But Not Alone

Most of Mark's social media posts about the show have focused solely on himself or the promo rounds he's made with fellow Atlanta resident Lauren.

He's Still Pals With Other Contestants

Along with his frequent posts with interview-mate Lauren, he's also shared a couple of pictures of him and Damian, whose on-screen relationship also ended brutally.

His Posts Are a Little Cynical

This Insta photo, which, in isolation, looks like the world's loneliest Bachelor photoshoot, doesn't exactly look like the face of a man who's found love again already.

He's Posting Thirst Traps

Okay, okay, we know: it's literally his job to post about fitness stuff. But his more recent pictures are thirstier than ever — just in time for audiences to fall in love with him even more.

He's Posting Some Solo Positivity

"The Motto," Mark captioned this photo of himself on a staircase with the words, "Everything Is Going to Be Alright." Maybe that's a hint that things have worked out for him romantically already, but we're betting more that it's an overall sign of positivity coming out of this experience.