American Horror Story: Is Anyone Else Feeling Betrayed After That Nurse Rita Twist?

Not only does American Horror Story: 1984 have a serial killer problem, but it looks like they're also down a nurse. (Well, two if you count that unnecessarily graphic moment in the boathouse.) It turns out that Nurse Rita, played by Angelica Ross, isn't who she says she is — in fact, everything she's told the group has been a lie.

In episode three, Rita, Brooke, Chet, and Ray are looking for the nurse's keys when they're attacked by the Night Stalker. Chet and Ray manage to block his entry with a desk, while Rita manages to find her keys. In the brief reprieve, Ray suggests that the group split up, which they all refuse to do. Making the first of many sh*tty decisions, Ray tells the group that he knows he can run faster than them and attempts to make his escape. He's quickly thwarted by the Night Stalker, who immediately begins stabbing him. Brooke and Rita make a run for the latter's car as Chet goes back to save Ray (which he will definitely come to regret later on).

When the two women reach Rita's car, Brooke suggests that they go to find help, leaving their friends behind. Rita tells the younger woman to take her keys and go ahead, but when Brooke goes to open the car door, the nurse grabs her from behind and injects her with a mysterious substance. A flashback to a week ago reveals that "Nurse Rita" is actually Dr. Donna Chambers, a psychologist who is obsessed with understanding serial killers.

In an interview with Dr. Karen, she boasts that she's spoken to all the legendarily tight-lipped murderers, even Ted Bundy. She convinces the doctor to let her speak with Mr. Jingles, playing into Dr. Karen's desire to know "what makes that man tick." But when Donna speaks with Mr. Jingles, she admits that she doesn't believe some people are inherently evil. Rather, she believes outside circumstances — specifically pornography and the Vietnam War — spurs their violent tendencies. According to Mr. Jingles, it could also be high fructose corn syrup because, ya know, that sugar really stirs up those homicidal urges. Donna tells Jingles that she needs to prove her theory by studying him in his natural habitat, Camp Redwood. He agrees to help her and the two hatch their plan for him to escape.

Donna gains entry into the camp by finding and hiding away the real Nurse Rita, who is later found by Xavier, Montana, and Trevor before she meets her untimely end at the hands of Jingles. Donna plans to watch the serial murder trust his "instincts," which translates into killing a bunch of people and getting his revenge on Margaret. During their conversation, Jingles tells Donna that he "doesn't even remember" killing all those kids, which is interesting considering the circumstances. He doesn't remember all those murders, but he remembers the young woman who put him away for them? But I digress!

Now that most of the group know that Donna isn't Nurse Rita, her plans are probably in danger. We're not sure how it'll pan out for her since she's currently on Jingles's side, but we have a feeling no one will appreciate the fact that she orchestrated their near-deaths by inspiring Jingles to escape the mental hospital. We'll just have to see where the chips will fall for the cunning psychologist.