Jacob Elordi Says He "Will Not Stop Defending" Nate Jacobs

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Jacob Elordi may play nonchalant villain Nate Jacobs on "Euphoria," but the actor is no match for the wings-of-death challenge on First We Feast's "Hot Ones." During his recent episode, the "Euphoria" star talks about his experience filming the HBO series and even opts to defend his character's twisted personality (despite previously admitting he would "love to beat him up" on "The Tonight Show").

"I had a conversation with my mom and I was like, 'I will not stop defending him,'" Elordi says on "Hot Ones." "Because that's my baby . . . I don't think anyone could give a performance if I was sitting there like, 'Man, this guy is like a detestable piece of sh*t. Because then I wouldn't want to play him."

Despite what some viewers may say about his character, Elordi explains that his job as an actor is to "open my heart and mind up a little bit and empathize." And to his point, he challenges viewers to do the same in real life to better understand why Nate is the way he is. So for any "Euphoria" fans who are still anti-Nate, you might want to listen to Elordi's pretty convincing defense.

The actor also talked about sitting courtside with Marvel star Simu Liu, his "rock bottom" audition moments, and how Marlon Brando influences his career. He even plays a quick game of hot sauce association with host Sean Evans, all while trying to cool off his taste buds from his plate of spicy wings.