I'm Utterly Enchanted by How Ruffled Jason Sudeikis Was Accepting His Golden Globe Award

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During a night filled with what feels like a bit of inconsiderate pomp and extravagance during a pandemic, some relatability is always appreciated. That's why Jason Sudeikis's ruffled, "Oh, do we need the camera on for this Zoom meeting?" look endeared the actor to me almost as much as his award-winning titular role as Coach Ted Lasso on the Apple comedy series.

During the Golden Globes on Sunday evening, the star appeared on screen via video chat dressed in a tie-dye sweatshirt (which he wore in support of his sister's dance studio and workout space) with five o'clock shadow and a general air of someone who was not expecting to be put on the spot. His acceptance speech was so long-winded that it made almost no sense — so much so that fellow nominee Don Cheadle, star of Showtime's Black Monday, gestured for him to wrap it up! If that doesn't sound like every time you were asked to say a few words during a presentation where you had nothing planned, I envy your preparedness.

The award for best actor in a comedy was Sudeikis's first-ever nomination and win. Appropriately, it's for his portrayal of the titular American football coach who's on the brink of a divorce and journeys to Britain to coach for a Premier League team. He's the sweetest man that's ever lived, and he's emotionally at the end of his rope — a vibe that Sudeikis was giving off during his speech. It's more likely that the actor was suffering from severe jet-lag or up late working on the upcoming second season of Ted Lasso, but still, his vibe was enough to remind me of many times in life when I was one minute away from saying "f*ck it," and wandering back to my bed for a good nap. In honor of Sudeikis's win, we've come up with 13 situations where we've felt the same, and we hope that he knows how much we cherish the bit of laughter he gave us tonight.

  • When you have Zoom meetings before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m.
  • When you swore that edibles don't affect you and then wake up to realize you've lost seven hours of time.
  • When your teacher called on you, but you haven't done the reading.
  • When your partner asks you if you were listening to their spiel and asks you to repeat what they said.
  • When you didn't realize that the presenter could control the cameras and now you're on everyone's screen.
  • When you accidentally turn on your mic during a Clubhouse chat.
  • When you told your mom you didn't want to join the family chat, but she didn't believe you, so now you have to make her regret adding you.
  • When you stopped giving a sh*t a while ago, and now everyone is catching up to your vibes.
  • When you believed your friends when they said the dress code was casual.
  • When being chill isn't just your aesthetic, it's a lifestyle.
  • When you packed a light suitcase to go to your mom's for two weeks back in March 2020, and here you are a year later.
  • When dressing up and going out more was your New Year's resolution for 2020.
  • When it's 2 a.m. in London, but the HFPA still expects you to be coherent for an award show.