See Pam Beesly Reminisce Over Her Dundie Awards With Her IRL Friend Dwight Schrute

Gather 'round for an employee meeting, because Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson had an adorable The Office reunion on the most recent episode of Wilson's Instagram series Hey There, Human. After showing off her Dundie Awards for "Longest Engagement" and "Whitest Sneakers," Fischer also took a moment to reflect on how much her real-life friendship with Rainn has meant to her over the years and how he's helped ease her anxieties surrounding COVID-19.

"Whenever people ask me if the people from The Office resemble their characters, I tell them that you're definitely as odd as Dwight," Fischer said. "But I think the thing that people would be surprised to learn, is just how deeply spiritual you are and you've really led a life of service to others. In my darkest times, the person I know I can turn to and the person I have turned to is you." So, yeah, I feel the happy tears flowing in this Chili's tonight.

New episodes of Hey There, Human stream live at 12 p.m. PT every weekday on the SoulPancake Instagram channel. Watch the full video here to see Fischer and Wilson discuss bartering toilet paper for bread, a conversation Pam and Dwight would be proud to join in on.