Here's Your First Look at Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn in AMC+'s New Series

Jodie Turner-Smith was first announced to play Anne Boleyn on AMC+'s new eponymous series back in November 2020. Since then, we've been eagerly awaiting more details, and on Nov. 17, the official trailer gave us a first look at the Queen & Slim actor in her exciting new role. The video shows a regal Turner-Smith in several glorious gowns as she navigates life from the queen's perspective.

Speaking to Elle about her role, the actor said she hoped to "tell the story of the woman who sits at the center of the myth, and make that story an accessible one — one that's not entirely about class, but about humanity. Because whether a woman is a queen or a housekeeper, she is not exempt from any of the challenges and trials that women face in navigating their bodies, love, or the patriarchy." Turner-Smith added: "There's an opportunity to tell a really human story and for it to feel that much more accessible because a Black woman is playing her."

Anne Boleyn is streaming exclusively on AMC+ on Dec. 9

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