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John Legend Attempts Jimmy Fallon's Ballad Challenge | Video

John Legend Wrote a Ballad About the McDonald's Shamrock Shake and It's Kinda Brilliant

What do The Queen's Gambit, the McDonald's Shamrock Shake, and Zoom happy hours have in common? They're all the topics of John Legend's newest series of ballads. Inspired by Jimmy Fallon's "Can It Be Balla-ed?" challenge on The Tonight Show, Legend came up with three soulful piano tunes — and the accompanying lyrics — to hum along to in our everyday lives, and my personal favorite is "Zoom Happy-Hour." "Why do they call it happy when I'm on a Zoom? / When I'm on a Zoom, it means I'm not in the room / So is it even happy hour? / I'm not feelin' happy now," Legend sang with the weathered look of a man who's been through countless rescheduled meetings.

Fans of The Queen's Gambit will likely gravitate more towards lyrics like, "Who knew chess could be so sexy? / Who knew chess could be so full of drugs and booze? She said, 'Check mate,' and I said 'Yes, babe.'" And, if you've been dreaming of slurping down a "glowing green" milkshake for St. Patrick's Day, Legend has the jam for you. "Wanna do the Shamrock Shake? / It's somethin' that McDonald's makes on St. Patrick's Day," he sang. The spontaneous song was so good, Fallon even suggested adding it to Legend's next album, and I wouldn't be mad about it.

It looks like I'll have to play them all on repeat until I decide which one is my favorite. So, sorry to my coworkers, but you'd better get used to Legend's fingers tapping away at the piano in the background of any work calls from now on.

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