The Dancing in Justin Bieber's "That's What Love Is" Video Put Me in a Trance

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We hope your dancing shoes are nearby, because you'll need them after watching Justin Bieber's music video for "That's What Love Is." On April 1, Bieber released the video as part of his visual album, Changes: The Movement, which features a series of well-choreographed shots that bring songs from his latest LP, Changes, to life.

The two-minute video for "That's What Love Is" shows a handful of dancing pairs — including Kaycee Rice and Sean Lew, as well as Charlize Glass and Josh Beauchamp — capering around the house, looking lively and starry-eyed. With swift movements and mesmerizing sequences, each scene tells a different story with a common theme: love, of course! Above, watch the heartwarming routines, then listen to all of the Changes tracks for a romantic jam session.