5 Katy Perry Songs That Were Inspired by Her Relationship With Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry is celebrating the release of her sixth studio album, Smile, and naturally, fans are dissecting every lyric, looking for references to her fiancé Orlando Bloom. And spoiler alert: there are quite a few. While we already knew that "Never Worn White" was likely inspired by their relationship, there are a few other ballads that dive into the ups and downs of their relationship, specifically "Champagne Problems."

Perry and Bloom have been dating on and off since 2016, and got engaged in February 2019. Most recently, they welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Daisy Dove Bloom, who joined Orlando's 9-year-old son Flynn from his previous marriage to Miranda Kerr. Ahead, see all the songs Perry has written about her relationship to Bloom.

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"Champagne Problems"

In an interview with People, Perry revealed that her 2017 split from Bloom inspired the track. "It's a song that really talks about how intense it's gotten and how many things we have had to go through. Yes, we have problems. Everybody has challenges in a relationship," she explained. "If it's a real relationship, it's going to challenge you into your best self. I really understand what Justin Timberlake said about, 'You're my mirror,' because it's true. They bring up all this stuff you can't really see about yourself."

She continued, "It's a never-ending evolution, so it's not peachy-keen jelly bean all the time, but it's nice to have been able to show each other all the good, bad, and everything in between, and really fight for our best selves. Now, we just joke, like yeah, we still have things to work out — but champagne problems! We've gotten through a lot of hell."

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"Never Really Over"

In "Never Really Over," Perry sings about an on-and-off relationship, similar to her romance with Bloom. Perry and Bloom first got together in 2016 before taking a break in 2017 and eventually getting back together a year later. While Perry has never actually confirmed that the song is about Bloom, it includes lyrics like "Two years and just like that / My head still takes me back / Thought it was done but I / Guess it's never really over," which certainly makes it seem like it's about him.

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"Harleys in Hawaii"

During an appearance on the Zach Sang Show in 2019, Perry revealed that the track is about a previous motorcycle ride she took with Bloom in Hawaii, of course. "I was shooting American Idol with everyone in Hawaii and my boyfriend – he was my boyfriend at the time — we were in Hawaii and we rented a Harley because we were there for a few days, and you know, to be on the back of a motorcycle in Hawaii with the air blowing on your face is so beautiful," she said. "[I was] whispering to Orlando, 'I'm going to write a song called 'Harleys in Hawaii,' and I did. It just dropped into my head."

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"Never Worn White"

Perry and Bloom got engaged in February 2019, and the ballad is believed to be about their romance. Perry also used the music video to announce that she was pregnant with her first child, daughter Daisy Dove Bloom.

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"Into Me You See"

Perry appeared to dedicate the song to Bloom when she performed it in Tokyo in 2018. The singer told fans she "felt very loved," adding, "And this next song is about being so loved and so seen that you never ever, ever have felt this feeling before. This feeling of love . . . This is called 'Into Me You See' for Bubba Doo."