Watch Kelly Clarkson Casually Belt Out a Mariah Carey Song From Her Bathroom

Kelly Clarkson just sang the hell out of a challenging Mariah Carey song. While staying home on her ranch in Montana, the singer answered her fans' call for music covers and offered her spin on "Vanishing," off Carey's debut self-titled album. "I feel like I'm back in high school," Clarkson joked while belting out the song from her bathroom.

Viewers of The Voice will recall that the 1990 song recently came up when contestant Mandi Castillo listed Carey as a musical influence, which got Clarkson excited. "Oh my gosh, girl. That's like track five. I know that album," Clarkson said at the time. Carey later saw the clip and tweeted, "Kelly, I'll take your track 5 and raise you a track 3 on Meaning of Life!"

Needless to say, the cover got Carey's sign of approval. She commented, "Beautiful rendition!!!" Before challenging Clarkson to cover "Whenever You Call" next, Carey added, "I know you're usually working 30 hours a day 8 days a week so this must be quite an adjustment for you (as it is for us all!) Keep the videos coming!!" Yes, please do!