It's Official: Kelly Clarkson Was Born to Cover Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time"

Are you ready for yet another glorious musical cover from Kelly Clarkson? Hopefully you're sitting down, because her take on "If I Could Turn Back Time" is nothing short of electric.

Ever since The Kelly Clarkson Show premiered in early September, the host has wowed her audience with performances of major pop hits, acoustic duets, and even a rap or two during her daily "Kellyoke" segment, but her rendition of Cher's 1989 anthem just might take the cake as our favorite cover yet. (Those vocals!) Truthfully the only way her performance could've been more perfect is if everyone in the audience was dressed up as sailors.

Watch Clarkson's take on the Cher classic above, and then be sure to listen to her interpretation of Heart's "Alone" from earlier this week!