Kim Kardashian *Just* Discovered Big Little Lies, and I Have Some Pressing Questions

Running out of new shows to watch while stuck at home? So is Kim Kardashian, apparently. The 39-year-old multihyphenate recently admitted to just now hopping on the Big Little Lies bandwagon, a cool three years after the HBO drama first began making waves in the TV world. [Insert a Black Eyed Peas-era Fergie rapping, "You're so two thousand and late."] She shared her tardy discovery on Twitter Monday afternoon, writing, "I just binged Big Little Lies! It's sooo good! Who has seen it?"

Whereas Kim's tweets typically garner a couple hundred replies, upwards of one thousand of her followers couldn't help but respond to the tweet with a collective Mary Louise Wright-esque scream. "Everyone, Kim. Everyone," a fan answered, while another similarly said, "Kim we cant keep doing this, please keep up."

Look, I get it: everyone's trapped inside and stumbling upon older shows to watch for the first time. I myself just started binging Money Heist, so I certainly have no room to talk. But when you're asking your 64.5 million followers who's seen a show that made headlines three years ago, you better believe the internet's gonna playfully roast you about it. I've personally suppressed my sassy replies and instead have a plethora of questions about Kimberly's belated Big Little Lies viewing session, detailed ahead:

  • What's next? Asking her followers if they've ever seen Game of Thrones? The Notebook? Friends?
  • Does she also hum along to the show's opening credits song? Or is that just me?
  • Big Little Lies hasn't really been in headlines since its season two finale last summer — how exactly did she happen upon the show so out of the blue? Was she simply perusing HBO in her free time? Did a friend suggest it? Did it come to her in a dream?
  • Does this mean she'll be dressing like a BLL character for Halloween this year? Ooh, maybe the Kardashian sisters can dress like the Monterey Five!
  • Has she yelled "I WILL NOT NOT BE RICH!" à la Renata Klein around her house yet?
  • Does she force Kanye to watch the show with her?
  • How long did it take her to binge-watch both seasons? How many breaks did she take?
  • Has she taken any inspiration from those courtroom scenes to use in her own aspiring law career?

While I may never get any solid answers to these highly pressing inquiries, you better believe I'll be periodically checking up on Kim's Twitter to see which popular series she suggests we all tune into next. The replies are guaranteed to be *chef's kiss.*