Yes, We're Getting a Third Knives Out Movie From Netflix

After the "Glass Onion" credits finish rolling, you might find yourself with a hankering for another Benoit Blanc mystery, with Daniel Craig as the title detective chewing the scenery all over the place. And we have good news for you: Netflix has already agreed to make a third movie. Way back in March 2021, the streamer bought two followups to 2019's original "Knives Out." According to Variety, Netflix paid $450 million for the pair.

The question remains what exactly "Knives Out 3" will be about, and director Rian Johnson admitted in a recent interview that he's about to start figuring that out. In an interview published by The Playlist on Nov. 21, Johnson admitted that he originally wanted to take a break and direct something different between the second and third films, but now that he's here, he just feels too excited about the possibilities.

"I thought that it would be healthy to do something else completely different first, but I'll be honest with you, coming off of this, the thing that's most creatively exciting to me right now is figuring out what this third movie can be," he explained. "To me, it's genuinely thrilling. I start thinking about the other ideas I have in my drawer and I keep coming back to yeah, but what could the next mystery be? I don't know. Right now I try to just kind of follow my nose in terms of what the next thing I do is. Right now it's leading me towards us jumping into the third one and figuring out how it can be totally different, both from 'Knives Out' and 'Glass Onion.' How it can show the audience what the wingspan of these can be and truly surprise them a third time. That's a pretty fun challenge."

Craig will return as Blanc, but otherwise, the cast and setting are anyone's guess. "Knives Out" focuses on a wealthy New England family, while "Glass Onion" is about a group of friends visiting their tech CEO friend on a private island. If we had to guess, the third film will also be set in a ridiculously expensive locale, but that doesn't really narrow things down. It's also not off the table that some of the first two movies' characters could return in some capacity.

Netflix has yet to announce a release date for the third Knives Out movie. "Glass Onion" will hit Netflix at the end of December after a limited theatrical preview in November.