How Can You Keep Up With the Cast of Last Chance U: Basketball? Instagram, of Course!

After you've watched Last Chance U: Basketball, you'll definitely be left wondering where all the players are now! It's actually pretty easy to find out: several of them are on Instagram, posting about their current schools and teams and what their lives have been like since the show finished filming. While a few of the cast members are mostly inactive on social media, some of them are more frequent posters, allowing all their new fans to keep up with their lives and careers.

Ready to add a few new people to your Instagram follow list? Keep reading for a complete list of the Last Chance U: Basketball players you can find on the 'gram!

KJ Allen

Instagram: @kj.allen32

Deshaun Highler

Instagram: @deshaun

Joe Hampton

Instagram: @jmmh_3

Malik Muhammad

Instagram: @leek_muhammad25

Marquis Copeland

Instagram: @be_steezy_

Jordan Polynice

Instagram: @jp2nice

Simaine Stewart-Jenkins

Instagram: @king.stu

Levelle "LJ" Zeigler

Instagram: @vell._boutabag

Jay Davis

Instagram: @jay.b.davis

Dezmond Washington

Instagram: @dez_2xs