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Last-Minute Pop Culture Halloween Costumes 2019

These 2019 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes Are Easy to DIY Last Minute — Just Raid Your Closet!

Last-Minute Pop Culture Halloween Costumes 2019

Shh . . . your Halloween costume may be last minute, but that doesn't mean anyone has to know! These 2019 pop culture costumes are a great way to stay up to date with the times and are extremely easy to DIY in a pinch. No more last-minute cliché black cats or Risky Business outfits, these fresh ideas will give you the inspiration to re-create characters from today's top movies and TV shows. From costumes inspired by shows like Schitt's Creek and Euphoria to movies like Joker and Midsommar, these getups are so simple, you can even find them in your own closet. Prepare to channel your inner telekinesis powers like Eleven from Stranger Things, or let everyone see the badass version of you by morphing into an agent from Men in Black: International. Whatever you choose, don't forget, the clock is ticking! Find ahead all of 2019's best entertainment costumes.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Quinn Keaney

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