Fans of The Baby-Sitters Club Unite! This Stuck in Stoneybrook Podcast Is Just For You

If you can't get enough of The Baby-Sitters Club, you're not alone. Whether you've binged the entire first season of the Netflix show (and are waiting for news about season two) or you've reread the book series more times than you can count, Stuck in Stoneybrook: A Baby-Sitters Club Podcast may just be for you. The podcast is hosted by "three grown-ass women," named Esme Shaller, Emily Crandall, and Anne Ichikawa, who have tasked themselves with rereading the entire BSC series in order to comment on it through their professions as a psychologist, a feminist scholar, and a freelance pop culture writer.

Each week the group brings a fresh take to one of the books from the series and, as stated on their website, "discover what only their adult eyes can see in 1980s Stoneybrook." You can currently listen to Stuck in Stoneybrook: A Baby-Sitters Club Podcast on iTunes and you can follow the podcast on Instagram for updates.