"Manifest" Fans Have a Theory About When Part 2 of the Final Season Will Hit Netflix

"Manifest" has taken us on a wild journey ever since it premiered on NBC in 2018, and a whole new audience joined in shortly after the wild season three finale aired on June 10, 2021, and the first two seasons hit Netflix. NBC canceled it following the third season, but Netflix saved it (a no-brainer considering the first two seasons entered the streamer's Top 10 shortly after they became available to stream). Season three hit the streamer shortly thereafter.

Now, fans are eager to find out what happens to their favorite characters in "Manifest"'s fourth and final season, which is airing in two parts on Netflix. Here's everything you need to know to stream.

Where to Stream "Manifest"'s Season 1-3

All of "Manifest"'s first three seasons (which originally aired on NBC) are available to stream on Netflix now.

Where to Stream "Manifest" Season 4

"Manifest" season four, consisting of 20 episodes, premiered its first 10 episodes on Netflix on Nov. 4, so head over to the streamer to watch the episodes now.

When Will "Manifest" Season 4, Part 2 Hit Netflix?

There is no official release date for season four, part two, but fans speculate it could hit Netflix on June 2, 2023, which would be a play on the "Death Date" plot on the show. The "Death Date" is the date that a resurrected person will face their second death. While, technically, the characters' death date is June 2, 2024, releasing the second half of the show's final season on June 2 would still be a fun connection to the plot.