A Breakdown of the Extended Family Featured in Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta?

As much as Netflix's Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? is a true-crime docuseries, it's also a family affair. María Marta García Belsunce's murder has been mired in mystery, and at its center is her kin. And it certainly wasn't only her husband, Carlos Carrascosa, drawing legal and media frenzy. On the night of her death on Oct. 27, 2002, most of her family arrived at her affluent Carmel Country Club house. While the family initially presented María Marta's death as accidental, investigators soon found five bullets in her head after an exhumation. The García Belsunces and Hurtigs immediately drew suspicion for how they handled evidence and became the key players of the murder mystery that overtook Argentina. Just in case you got confused sifting through the characters in this story, here's a breakdown of who's who in María Marta's family.

The Parents

  • Horacio García Belsunce Sr.: The senior García Belsunce is María Marta's father. He worked as a lawyer and served as president of the National Bar.
  • Luz María Galup Lanús: She is María Marta's mother. Her split with María Marta's father faced considerable social stigma since people in their time never really separated.
  • Dino Hurtig: Dino worked as a respected pediatrician who saw the García Belsunce children. He and María Marta's mother had an affair and eventually got together permanently and had two children. While the children were on great terms, Luz María and Horacio were not. Pertaining to the case, Dino and John later moved María Marta's body and came across the "putito."

The García Belsunce Siblings

  • Horacio García Belsunce Jr.: Horacio is María Marta's brother and Horacio García Belsunce Sr.'s son. They were close and appeared on the De Frente program together. He contacted prosecutor Juan Martín Romero Victorica when his half-brother John voiced concerns about María Marta's death.
  • María Laura: María Laura is María Marta's sister and Horacio García Belsunce Sr.'s daughter.
  • María Marta: Centering the series, María Marta was a sociologist who worked with an organization called Missing Children before her untimely death. She married her husband, former stockbroker Carlos Carrascosa, when they were both young.

The Hurtig Siblings

  • John Hurtig: John is María Marta's half-brother, who had suspicions about her death and urged his half-brother Horacio to reach out to forensic experts to have total clarity about their sister's death. He discovered the notorious "putito" (the tip of a deformed bullet) and flushed it down the toilet.
  • Irene Hurtig: Irene is María Marta's half-sister. On the night of María Marta's death, Carlos said he watched a soccer game at her house.