Netflix's New Musical A Week Away Is Super Cheesy, and I Need a Sequel ASAP

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good musical movie. Give me a cheesy, sappy, dance-filled movie over an action-packed drama or thriller any day. So, when the first trailer for Netflix's A Week Away starring Kevin Quinn and Bailee Madison dropped, I knew I would be tuning in. It looked like the perfect mix of Disney Channel classics like Camp Rock and High School Musical, and after watching the film, I can confirm that that assessment was 100 percent spot on.

The film follows a young teen who "takes a leap of faith" by attending a Christian summer camp and ends up forging some meaningful relationships along the way. While it's certainly over-the-top and cheesy at times, it's also incredibly heartfelt. If you're looking for an easy binge-watch to relax to, I certainly recommend adding this one to your queue. Ahead, read all the unfiltered thoughts I had while tuning into the movie.


  • OK, I'm already getting major Camp Rock vibes from this opening song.
  • This guy looks like Ross Lynch, so now I'm getting Teen Beach Movie vibes as well.
  • Wait, he also looks just like Zac Efron. So, basically all of my favorite musical movie baes.
  • Aww, George is so cute. I love him already.
  • Oh, here we go with another musical number.
  • Gosh, I miss musical theater.

  • This is SO cheesy and I love it.
  • Just have to say that Bailee Madison is the cutest.
  • OMG, his face. He is like, "What did I just get myself into?"
  • This literally looks like where they filmed Camp Rock.
  • Wow, OK so he just went for it with that dip, huh?
  • This narwhal guy is already too much.
  • They are really packing in these performances.
  • Sean might be annoying, but he does have a good voice.
  • "Wow, is he for real?" My thoughts exactly.

  • Oh, so the whole number wasn't over yet?
  • WHAT is this room?
  • Why does he have VHS tapes? When is this movie supposed to be set?
  • I cannot get over how much this guy looks like Zac Efron.
  • Of COURSE George is a Star Wars fan.
  • I feel another song coming.
  • Oop, there it is!
  • OK, George can SING.
  • Wait, just found out this is Jahbril Cook's first big acting role. I'm so impressed.
  • Does Sean just sing in regular conversation all the time?

  • Um, what in the world is happening with this team scene?
  • Wow, these color-coded teams just took me right back to my own spring break retreats with my youth group.
  • Apple Jacks? Seriously, when is this movie set?
  • His favorite movie is Twilight. I swear this movie is set in the early 2000s.
  • Oh, so I guess that team scene was a Braveheart reference? (I obviously have never seen Braveheart).
  • This is his "Bet on It" moment, I can feel it.
  • This choreography is very Teen Beach Movie.
  • Not a slow motion scene!!
  • Wow, he just hit her right in the face. I thought this was BIBLE CAMP.
  • I cannot get over George and his shorts.
  • Oh, a dream sequence too?
  • First the '90s and early 2000s references and now this whole dream sequence is an '80s music video.
  • OK, this duet is cute!

  • Dave is constantly doing the most this whole entire movie.
  • I take it back, Sean is doing the absolute most.
  • Wow, didn't expect this fireside performance to make me so emotional.
  • This Sean guy is up to no good.
  • Oop, here comes Sean stirring up trouble.
  • Sean is the WORSTTTT.
  • Gotta love a good montage.
  • Sean wants to be Shane Gray, but he's actually just Axel Turner. If you know, you know.
  • He came back! Aww!
  • Yeah, take that Sean!
  • OK, this song is a bop.
  • Even Sean is into it.
  • And the winner of the final jam is . . . Wait, wrong movie.
  • Oh, so Sean is a nice guy now?
  • "Next year you're going down" Do I sense a sequel?
  • Wait, George just made a reference to emojis. So I guess this is set in present day, after all.
  • Aww, I knew he was gonna move in with George.
  • OK, this was super cute. I need a sequel ASAP.