57 Unfiltered Thoughts on Netflix's Campy Horror Sequel, The Babysitter: Killer Queen

I love a good campy horror film, particularly when it revolves around an unsupervised party at a lake, like Netflix's The Babysitter: Killer Queen. The film — which is a sequel to 2017's The Babysitter — sees the return of stars Judah Lewis and Emily Alyn Lind as best friends Cole and Melanie. While Melanie is popular and deals with the traumatic events of the first film by forgetting they ever happened, Cole is a social outcast who feels as if he's going insane because nobody believes him. When he learns that his parents plan on sending him to a psychiatric high school, he ditches school with Melanie for a party at a lake in the hopes of her reciprocating his crush. Thanks to a game of two minutes in heaven — because two minutes is more realistic than seven — he finally gets to have his romantic moment with Melanie.

Of course, this is when everything goes to sh*t, as the blood cult is back to finish their ritual before the sun rises. If they don't complete the ritual, they have to go back to hell and wait another two years to finish. The sequel takes everything that made the first movie ridiculously fun and turns it up to 100. I'd go so far as to say it supersedes the original, at least when it comes to blood, gore, and perfectly timed movie references. If you're a fan of horror comedies like Happy Death Day and Zombieland, this film is definitely right up your alley. Keep reading for all the unfiltered thoughts I had while watching The Babysitter: Killer Queen, which is now streaming on Netflix.


  • The milk just turned into blood, so we're off to a good start — wait, no it's chocolate milk! Hold up, it's blood and it was a nightmare. Thank goodness.
  • Cole has upped his wardrobe game and is now "three-piece-suit Cole."
  • "The guy with no shirt for no reason." Does Robbie Amell, aka Max, really need a reason when he looks that good?
  • And we already have a Terminator 2: Judgment Day reference, nice.
  • When someone goes to Cornell, they have to let everyone know they go to Cornell — even the school nurse/guidance counselor.
  • Two words: herpes couch.
  • Poor Cole has to have flu shot round two even though the nurse told him to get laid.
  • I also would keep telling everyone about the time I saw Rihanna at Outback Steakhouse — if I ever do see Rihanna at Outback Steakhouse, that is.

  • Aw, Melanie and Cole look like '70s Boho twins.
  • Jimmy looks like James Brolin from The Goonies, and I'm not mad at it.
  • I feel like Mephistopheles and Faust are going to be important, but that is not a subject we covered in my high school English class.
  • So I was a mascot in high school and we would never have escorted the new girl to class. That's just weird and would've required taking me out of class. Then again, this movie isn't about me.
  • Is nobody going to talk about the fact Phoebe stole the ginger kid's yogurt or the fact that Jimmy is trying to work out in class? Does Jimmy even play a sport?
  • You know, Phoebe looks like an alt-version of Melanie. Maybe that's the point.
  • I would like to disappear into my couch right about now with Cole's dad's interruption and Cole's "sexually dry elbows."
  • Why does Cole wear the same thing every day? Is it a comfort/security thing? Is he the hall monitor?
  • I feel like there's symbolism behind everyone going slow while Cole talks to Melanie. Maybe it's because he feels she's the only one he can trust?
  • The ginger dude "being on" Flintstone's gummies is my new favorite thing.
  • Red pill, blue pill time Cole. Make the right choice. These movie references are A+.
  • Juan is the worst parent to have ever existed.

  • Magnum XLs being called the Tiffany's box of condoms is wild and I hope to never hear that in real life.
  • Phoebe coming in hot with the large Marge reference from Pee-wee's Big Adventure.
  • Cole, that phone looks older than you — it looks older than any phone I've ever owned.
  • MELANIE IS A BAD GUY AND KILLED BOOM BOOM?! I did NOT see that coming.
  • "Dab, dab. It's better." I don't think dabbing is going to get the blood out of the shag carpeting.
  • "I'm not Casper, I will wreck your shit. Boo." I need this line on a shirt or something.
  • You're telling me that Melanie is doing all of this to be an INFLUENCER?!
  • At least Sonya's back with the cookies from the first film.
  • This has essentially devolved into Camp Crystal Lake.
  • A Deliverance reference straight into a Rob Reiner reference? McG has gone meta with his movie references.
  • While Sonya may be the bad guy, at least she killed the creepy camper dude.
  • Surf's up Sonya . . . I guess.
  • Millennials versus Gen Z, only they're trying to kill people. Alright then.

  • "Did you kill Bambi?!" Yes Cole, Allison killed Bambi.
  • I love all these "cut scenes" telling us how Bee got the original group to join the blood cult.
  • "8675309" as the code for Jenny the boat is perfect.
  • What is with all the head removal deaths in this movie?
  • "I didn't know Cole is the Channing Tatum of murder." Neither did I, John, neither did I.
  • Poor Diego and Jimmy, Satan smote them real good.
  • "I've been practicing my accent." John, Wakanda isn't real but I appreciate the reference.
  • "I would kill us both before I poop in front of you." Same Cole.
  • You don't scare someone while they're peeing. That's just asking for pee to get on you.
  • The dad's bonding is almost too much. But in a good way.
  • Juan really does look like Joe Exotic.
  • No idea what this dance scene is here for but I love it.

  • John's recording booth look is a mixture of Billy Ocean and Eddie Murphy from Eddie Murphy Delirious.
  • I mean, we can all agree Juan is a pig but I don't think we expected Melanie to gut him like one.
  • Oh hell yeah. Melanie versus Phoebe is some Street Fighter sh*t.
  • This movie has taken a turn toward Midsommar and The Wicker Man territory. All we need is the bear suit and the bees.
  • YES, Bee is back! She's the Killer Queen. Wait, is she going to kill Cole? No, Bee. You love Cole.
  • Wait a minute — Bee is the babysitter Phoebe talked about?! How old is she?
  • Looks like I was right, it was a Faustian bargain and Mephistopheles is here to collect a debt.
  • Big Carl was also right. Cole did just need to get laid.
  • Max being proud of Cole getting laid while everyone's dying like Joffrey from Game of Thrones is iconic.
  • Finally, Cole is dressing like a normal human. The corduroy jacket is still there though.
  • Look at him in his little Tom Cruise Risky Business glasses.
  • The book of satan survived? Will there be a third movie? I hope so.