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Watch Netflix's The Gay Agenda Podcast Trailer

This Tongue-in-Cheek Monologue Has Me Excited For Netflix's The Gay Agenda — See the Trailer!

The Gay Agenda is real . . . on Netflix. The streaming giant dropped a trailer for its first LGBTQ+ podcast, and it looks hilarious! Jasmin Savoy Brown and Liv Hewson are cohosting the podcast. In the trailer, Brown calls a meeting for The Gay Agenda where they outline the talking points, including "listening to Montero for 600th time" and going to brunch. "This podcast is a space where we empower each other by sharing our queer experiences, making a whole lot of jokes about gender, and sharing stories with brilliant friends of ours," Hewson says in the clip.

The trailer also features snippets from the show, including actress Natalie Morales joking that they "identify as an old typewriter . . . still usable, but like tired and like a little dusty" and Bex Taylor-Klaus assuring audience listeners that they shouldn't feel the need to "suppress themselves until they're absolutely positive they found the perfect thing." Podcast guests include Ally Beardsley, Javicia Leslie, Caleb Hearon, Carmen Maria Machado, Leo Shang, and Fortune Feimster. The Gay Agenda debuts on Jan. 10 on all podcast platforms. Watch the trailer above!

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