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You Season 2 Without Joe's Voiceover Is So Creepy

Netflix Removed Joe's Narration From You Again, and I Can't Stop Cringing

Netflix's You is already pretty freakin' creepy as it is, but strip away Joe Goldberg's ubiquitous voice-overs, and it gets approximately 3,000 times creepier. To prove this point and make us full-body cringe in the process, Netflix removed Joe's narration from a handful of season two scenes and combined them into one hysterically weird sizzle reel.

Without Joe's constant stream of consciousness cluing us into his inner thoughts and observations, he appears even more unstable and out of touch, often just staring at other characters or off into the distance. If watching it gives you a serious case of secondhand embarrassment, just think about how strange it must've been for Penn Badgley and his costars to film some of these awkward-silence-filled scenes. See the creepiness unfold above, and then watch a similar narration-free reel Netflix released last year for season one.

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