10 Original Movies and TV Shows Coming to Disney+ the Day It Launches

When Disney+ launches Nov. 12, subscribers will have an abundance of TV shows, movies, Disney Channel Original Movies, documentaries, original programming and more to choose from. Quite honestly, the amount of content Disney+ is going to have on launch day is overwhelming, even for those of us who love Disney and binge-watching. For some people it might be a challenge to figure out what to watch first, or even in the first month of streaming with the new service. Don't fear! We've rounded up the ultimate guide for Disney fans on what to watch during your first month of streaming on Disney+. Click through to see all of our top picks and add them to your binge calendar!

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The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian follows a bounty hunter between the times of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This series has been one of the most anticipated because it will be exploring stories of the Star Wars universe that have not been previously told. Rather than dropping all at once, expect episodes to arrive weekly.

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The World According to Jeff Goldblum

The World According to Jeff Goldblum might be the one show we think everyone needs to watch on Disney+. The star is taking viewers on a journey through themes we all love — like ice cream — and showing off how it connects us all, and how it connects to history, science, and ideas.

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Disney+ is debuting its own original holiday comedy with Noelle. The story is about Kris Kringle's daughter, Noelle, played by Anna Kendrick, who is filled with the Christmas spirit. Her brother Nick, played by Bill Hader, is taking over the all important role of Santa this Christmas, and things go awry.

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Forky Asks a Question

The short clips from Forky Asks a Question are meant to answer some of life's big questions through the lens of the new Toy Story 4 character. Shorts will debut on Fridays and focus on a new question.

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High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Inspired by the über popular Disney Channel Original Movie series, High School Musical, this new series for Disney+ follows students from East High as they get ready for the debut of their production of the original film High School Musical. It's a mockumentary, so don't expect it to take itself too seriously.

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Lady and the Tramp

Disney's next live-action film is going to have a home on Disney+ on launch day. Lady and the Tramp is a live-action take on the Walt Disney Studios animated classic, and follows the story of two unlikely dog friends.

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Marvel's Hero Project

The Marvel's Hero Project docuseries features kids from all over the world showing off how they are creating a better future for all of us. The show is setting out to show viewers you don't need to wear a shield like Captain America or wield a hammer like Thor to be a hero.

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Pixar in Real Life

Pixar in Real Life is bound to be one of your favorite shows on Disney+. The series is taking Pixar's famous animated characters and bringing them into the real world to do everyday things. In the trailer for the series, we saw Russell from Up! crossing a street in his Wilderness Explorer uniform and CDA Agents from Monsters Inc. in their bright yellow hazmat suits.

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The Imagineering Story

If you love the history and inner workings of the Disney Parks, you're going to want to watch The Imagineering Story on Disney+. The six-hour saga will take viewers into the depths of Walt Disney Imagineering (where cameras are usually never allowed) and talk about how these incredible Cast Members create Disney's attractions and lands.

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Kristen Bell brings former friends and foes who all performed in their high school musical together again to recreate the show they performed in high school.