Nikolaj Coster-Waldau "Absolutely" Wants to Work With "GOT" Costar Gwendoline Christie Again

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"Game of Thrones" might have ended (controversially) in 2019, but the friendship between Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gwendoline Christie is forever. Coster-Waldau talked to POPSUGAR about his new series, "The Last Thing He Told Me," and when conversation turned to his former costar, who made waves in "The Sandman" and "Wednesday" last year, he couldn't help but praise Christie.

"She's just fantastic," Coster-Waldau says, revealing he has seen some of "Wednesday." "She's hilarious. She's just a very, very good actor, and smart, and incredible, and she's great. I couldn't be more thrilled that she's getting so much success now. It couldn't happen to a better person."

"Game of Thrones" fans surely don't forget that things didn't end happily in the final season for Coster-Waldau's character, Jaime Lannister, and Christie's Brienne of Tarth, who consummated their seasons-long slow-burn romance just for Jaime to leave her and die in King's Landing, crushed by rocks. Would Coster-Waldau want to star in something with Christie again — perhaps something with a much happier ending?

"Yes. Absolutely," he says. "If you find us something, please let us know."

Coster-Waldau played one half of "Game of Thrones"'s original (and supremely messed up) Lannister twins, and there's a new set on HBO's prequel series, "House of the Dragon," which debuted in summer 2022. Coster-Waldau hasn't watched yet. "Not because I don't want to," he says, "but I saw the opening sequence, and it was just weird, because it was the same music. It was kind of the same title sequence." He says he'll wait a couple years before binge-watching it all. "But I know from friends, they love it, and it has a lot of fans, so I'm happy for [the cast] that they get to experience that world."

In "The Last Thing He Told Me," airing on Apple TV+, Coster-Waldau plays Owen, a father and husband who mysteriously goes missing. His wife, Hannah (Jennifer Garner), and daughter, Bailey (Angourie Rice), team up to try to find him, while navigating their own complicated relationship as stepparent and stepdaughter.

Coster-Waldau's involvement in the project feels a little fated for him. He read the first four scripts and was desperate for more because he wanted to know what happened. The actor says he didn't know then the series was based on Laura Dave's bestselling novel. When Coster-Waldau told his agent how much he liked the scripts, the agent revealed that his wife had just read the book and — not even knowing about the series — had said, "By the way, Nikolaj would be perfect to play Owen," the actor remembers with a laugh. "And I was like, well, that's a sign."

"The Last Thing He Told Me" debuts new episodes Fridays on Apple TV+.