The Alvarez Family Are Back to Their Shenanigans in the One Day at a Time Season 4 Trailer

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Who needs boundaries when you have a family like this, right? Lydia, Penelope, Elena, and Alex Alvarez are heading back to our screens, and even a move from Netflix to Pop TV can't change their lovable ways. One Day at a Time's inaugural season on Pop TV premieres on March 24, and fans will finally learn what happens after season three left us with Lydia and Dr. Berkowitz flying to Cuba to scatter Lydia's late husband's ashes at sea.

According to the trailer, a lot of things have changed, including Penelope's dating life. While the mother of two is working on becoming a nurse practitioner, Lydia is setting up her Tinder profile, and Alex is, unfortunately, walking in on some vital alone time. Luckily, through all their love troubles, dramatics, and lack of boundaries, the Alvarez family are still the relatable bunch we've grown to love over the last three seasons. Watch the trailer above, and tune in when One Day at a Time season four premieres on Pop TV.