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Our Blues: Who's Texting Young-Ok? Theories

Who's Texting Young-Ok in "Our Blues"? 3 Convincing Theories

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Our Blues: Who's Texting Young-Ok? Theories
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Netflix's latest K-drama, "Our Blues," depicts the intertwining stories of a group of people residing on the bustling and serene, yet incredibly remote, Jeju Island (with the help of a gorgeous OST by Jimin and Sungwoon). Among the stories that play out in the series is Lee Young-Ok (Han Ji-Min) and Park Jeong-Jun's (Kim Woo-Bin) heart-fluttering budding relationship, which quickly captured the viewers' attention and hearts. While the sweet friendship between the levelheaded sea captain and the vivacious haenyeo (female diver) blossoms into a promising romance in episode five, the speculations and enigma surrounding Young-Ok's past experiences might cast a dark cloud over their future.

Though it is clear that Young-Ok reciprocates Jeong-Jun's romantic feelings, the intrigue about the mysterious person she's remaining in touch with via text will likely play a central role in their love story moving forward. We first see this person text Young-Ok from an unsaved number in episode two, writing, "miss you like crazy." A distressing expression sweeps over Young-Ok's face as soon as she reads the text, prompting her to leave the room immediately. We then see the same person buzzing her phone with numerous repeated texts in episode three, writing, "I miss you," to which Young-Ok finally responds by typing that she promises to go see them the second Saturday of next month, eliciting an aggressive "You b*tch" from the other end. When Young-Ok receives a call from the same number later in the episode, she assures them that she loves them, too, and that "it's not just one-sided." She even receives a bunch of random pictures from the contact number in episode five.

So, who's this mysterious person from whom Young-Ok keeps getting constant calls and texts? Based on what we know so far, we may have some idea. Continue reading to learn about the potential candidates who fit the bill.

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