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Watch the Parks and Rec Cast Sing "Bye Bye, Li'l Sebastian"

There Couldn't Be a Parks and Rec Special Without a Singalong to "Bye Bye, Li'l Sebastian"

It's been five years since Parks and Recreation ended, but the cast recently reunited in a one-time-only episode that benefitted Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund. As part of the special on April 30, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) did what Leslie Knope does best by checking on her friends during a crisis. Although everyone couldn't be in the same room — complete with Andy (Chris Pratt) getting stuck in his and April (Aubrey Plaza)'s shed — seeing them all together onscreen felt as if no time had passed between now and where we left them.

There were so many good moments that it was hard to pick just one, although Garry (Jim O'Heir) using a poo emoji filter is up there. However, if I had to pick what the top moment from the special was, it'd have to be everyone singing "Bye Bye, Li'l Sebastian" (also known as "5,000 Candles in the Wind"). In order to lift Leslie's spirits, Ron (Nick Offerman) got everyone together to sing the Mouse Rat classic, including Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott), who STILL doesn't get it after all these years. Pull out your phone, turn on its light, and watch the full clip above for a heartwarming tribute to Pawnee's biggest little star (and to see everyone get upset at Ben).

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